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Ever make a Paddle Trick from a kids' toy? Canadian TV Star and magician Eric Leclerc did! It's a great strolling magic trick that is fun to perform for kids and their families because, when you tell them you made your first magic trick from Lego blocks, it’s believable and captivating.

Watch the video clip and see Eric perform Baffling Blocks for kids of all ages using some moves that’ll fool you. Think Paddle Tricks are passé? Think again! Eric has many creative approaches to forcing the color, doing the color change, and even making the entire paddle vanish and reappear!

You get the 7” paddle and 12 extra square blocks so you can change the force color to red, blue or green. The video instructions include explanations in the studio and several of Eric’s live presentations so you can see for yourself, and learn how to maximize spectator response. Best of all, this is an easy-to-master prop that has no reset time and can be examined after every time you do it.

Whether you’re a working pro, or are looking for a new prop to entertain children in your life, get Baffling Blocks and you’ll be baffling the young and young-at-heart faster than they can say “I love Legos.”

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