DVD & props by Garrett Thomas ($70.00)

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Wow! You want to get fooled? Watch this trailer. GarretThomas created an instant classic with Ring Thing, and here’s why. It’s a trickwith something you can ALWAYS have on you, or borrow from ANYONE. And you do aVISUAL trick with it. Forget cards and half dollars…this is truly impromptumagic that leaves a devastating result.
Now he’s back with BANDED, and we love this. You get aspecial Roy Keuppers ring made specially for the trick. So when you carry thisring with you, you ALWAYS have this effect to perform. The skill level ismedium, but we’re positive that there is nothing in your repertoire evenREMOTELY close to this, so it’s the perfect addition.

You get a step by step DVD and the ring, ready to perform.

Available in the following sizes: 20 mm, 21 mm, 23 mm, 25 mm
The ring that you select should be slightly larger than the size you normally wear.

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Doug Evans

One of my all time favorite effects! I wear it everywhere I go! I love GT's work and he's such a wonderful guy!