Trick by Alex Latorre
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Trick by Alex Latorre ($20.00)

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Blistering - magic

Cause a piece of gum to magically jump to four different portions of the hermetically sealed packet. If you are looking for visual magic to perform live or for a camera, this is ten seconds of sheer magic. It's not just a clever trick for video though; it's a practical and workable attention grabbing trick. What's more, at the end, you can immediately hand out the package for examination. 

You receive a precision-made gimmick and with just a tiny bit of preparation, will be ready to perform at a moment's notice.

  • Easy to do
  • Fully examinable
  • Pre-made gimmick included (you must supply your own blister pack)

Online instructions running time: 22 mins approx.

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Official review from Genii Magazine

From the October 2016 Genii magazine. Reviewed by David Regal

...a sweet bit of eye candy (pardon the pun).

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Eleonor Bindman

A good visual trick that is easy to do. The gimmick is mostly included and the prep is very minimal, which is something I like. My only problem is that if you want to give the actual piece of gum to the spectators, you will have to buy a whole new pack of gum to encase the gimmick. Also upon examination the "portions" are opened which does take away some of the magic of the effect.