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The new Chapswitch by Nicholas Lawrence caught our eye.  The change is eyepoppingly good and in the end you are clean. While it's shown as a transposition, it doesn't have to be performed that way.  It can be done as a simple change of a dollar to a Chapstick.

Imagine rolling up a bill into a little tube,then visually changing it into a small chapstick with just a little shake.

This very visual magic happens inches away from your spectators' eyes. 

Chapswitch feels very organic, especially since chapsticks are becoming commonplace in almost all pharmacies across the world.

  • Borrowed bill
  • Borrowed chapstick
  • Works with any currency
  • Use any brand of chapstick
  • Gimmick included

Note: TV rights not included with purchase. Please contact SansMinds for TV rights.
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This is the biggest ripoff in magic. This would be a bad deal for $1. The method stinks, supper angly, and takes forever to build.