Close Up!Up!Up!

DVD by Lu Chen ($25.00)

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Close Up!Up!Up! - magic

Lu Chen, currently the most celebrated magician in China. He is the first Taiwanese magician who has been invited to perform at The Magic Castle and the star of numerous magic T.V. shows in Taiwan, China and Japan.

This DVD was first released in 2007 for Lu Chen's Chinese National Lecture Tour, and now a worldwide release with english subtitles. Included in this DVD are some extremely visual four Aces revelations, routines with cards, coins and ring. All of them are published here in this DVD for the first time.


  • 4 Aces Production 1 - Flash
  • 4 Aces Production 2 - Flourish
  • 4 Aces Production 3 - Mirage
  • 4 Aces Production 4 - Ace Maker
  • 4 Aces Production 5 - Manipulation
  • 0% Possibility
  • Non Coincidence
  • Turn Over
  • Don't Blink
  • Unpredictable
  • Invisible Assembly
Running Time Approximately: 1hr 18min
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jonathon allwood

He is still suffering with in the art of magic his close effects just rocks it time learn something new within cards that make them think you come from a different land could you be able to provide same level of service you can with this dvd