Trick by Peter Eggink and Robert Smith ($119.00)

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Closure is a ring on neck chain from Peter Eggink and Robert Smith, along with the Paul Harris Presents team!

In effect, a borrowed ring is held in your fist. A spectator lays her hand on your chest. With sleeves rolled up her ring vanishes. Immediately, the spectator can feel something appear under your shirt. You never touch the chain: the spectator pulls the chain into view to show that her ring is linked onto the chain. It's the most hands-off version of this effect we have ever seen.

  • After the ring vanish your hands are immediately 100% empty
  • The participant actually feels her ring appear on the chain
  • Your hands never go near your neck until after she reveals her own ring
  • No palming or switches
  • No loading of the ring after the vanish
  • Can be performed surrounded
  • Resets in seconds
  • Perform in a t-shirt or full jacket
  • Closure comes with custom-made gimmicks and two chains (one silver and one black)
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