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Cortana is the brand new penetration effect from Felix Bodden - one of the fairest and most visual, using nothing but a playing card and a banknote.

Unlike many traditional penetration effects, Cortana allows you to take a playing card and penetrate any paper object in a slow and graceful manner - there's no need for a fast penetration process to disguise the working.

Using a completely different method to some other similar effects on the market, the angles are very good (180-degrees) and you really can show the melting happening slowly, and even pause to open the bill or receipt to show that it really is melting through.

  • Incredibly visual
  • Fully customisable with different playing card designs
  • Minimal skill level required
  • Minimal audience management required
  • Resets in 5 seconds
  • 180-degree performance angle

The DVD covers everything you need to know to be able to create and perform this highly visual effect, although a small amount of one-time DIY is required in order to make the necessary gimmick. We're sure you'll agree the small amount of work is worth it when you see just how incredible the reactions you'll get from performing Cortana!

Please note: Television rights are not included with your purchase. Please contact SansMinds for details on how to obtain rights.

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