Cut 2.0

Trick by Ran Pink
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Cut 2.0

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Trick by Ran Pink ($59.95)

In stock. Order in the next 5 hours, 38 minutes and it will go out today!
Cut 2.0 - magic

Cut 2 allows us to briefly discuss a paradigm shift in magic. The proliferation of magic on TV and the internet has changed our industry. People now experience more magic on TV, and it shapes their expectations on magic. And the nature of TV (and more so, internet) magic is FAST and VISCERAL. The trend is to elicit a maximum reaction in a minimal amount of time.

What does this mean for you? Maybe nothing, but probably quite a bit. It means that our audiences--even if we never intend to do magic on TV or the net--are expecting to be amazed, startled, and even FREAKED OUT. This is, we believe, a fairly recent development.

We point this out now because of Cut 2. This is a REMARKABLE and scary effect. You apparently heal a cut on your palm VISUALLY. This is precisely the kind of trick that will elicit screams, laughter, and amazement. It's not a junk trick, either. We've inspected it and it is BETTER than advertised. Michael Weber, Anthony Gerard, and a host of magic's elite support the product, and we do, too. It's obviously not the newest ending to an Ace Assembly routine, but Cut 2 is more relevant today than ever before.

The trailer for this effect was a little crazy (it's video number two above if you'd like to check it out). It's like a movie trailer, which looked to us like it was very fun to film, yet utterly unhelpful to our customers in learning about the product. So, Vanishing Inc to the rescue. We've cut our own trailer, where we give you all you need to know about this product.

If you have the original version of this, here's what is different with this one:

  • More effective formula & colors for extremely vivid and realistic cuts
  • New and improved gimmicks that offer more flexibility than ever before
  • Simpler, faster application
  • 25% more product than previous version
  • Longer lasting
  • Setup in seconds
  • New instructions
CUT offers the wise mystery performer a dramatic anytime, anywhere piece of illusionary wish-fulfillment: man's primal desire to be able to heal himself. Ran Pink has given us something which is Fantastic.Michael Weber
As close to real magic as it gets... bloody amazing.Dynamo
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Customer reviews for Cut 2.0

Chris Taylor

This is visual madness! Looks just like it does in the demo. You will have to put some work into this and really practice but it's so worth it!


Troy Simpson

Cut 2.0 is awesome! I bought this for my Halloween shows and boy does it get killer reactions!


Taylor Hudson

I bought this for Halloween and it's a perfect effect for this holiday season!