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Straight from Tom Mullenger (aka Jester Styles) working repertoire, FigMENt is a twist on the omni principle which leaves your audience with a fun and memorable experience. Perfect for close-up strolling and table hopping magic.

Two cards are selected from a deck by two spectators, which are then lost back into the deck. You then introduce your magical helper - a small Lego man. This is placed inside the first spectator's hand while you state that the Lego man is trying to find their cards. When the magic is done, the spectator opens their hand and the Lego man has become transparent, and inside its body can be seen the corner of a playing card. It matches the spectator's selection!

Next, the Lego man is placed inside the second spectator's hand, and once again the Lego man does his stuff. When the spectator opens their hand, the Lego man is still transparent, however the card has now changed to the second spectator's selection! All the magic happens in their hands. Finally, you blow on the Lego man and it instantly reverts back to its regular yellow colour.

Three Routines included which are taught in depth:

Deep Cut
A powerful yet simple, hands off routine where the spectator does all the work before experiencing the magic happening in their hands - so easy to do it's like child's play.

Switch Blade
Strike twice with this routine! Tom's walk-around FigMENt routine that involves two spectators for double the impact!

This routine will allow your spectators to not only experience the power of FigMENt but will leave them with a souvenir.

  • Easy to perform
  • Self working version included
  • Single person version instantly repeatable
  • Two FigMENt reveals
  • Designed for any audience

With your purchase you get 2 FigMENt gimmicks (1 red and 1 black suit ) and one random mini-figure character, so you can start performing with your normal deck right away.

Tom has taken the classic 'omni' effect; spun it on it's head, kept the phenomenal impact, breathed new life into the concept and given it a whole bunch of personality. This is the effect in your set people will talk about - it's remarkable.Dee Christopher
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