Full Bloom (2 Volume Set)

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Book by Gaetan Bloom ($160.00)

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Full Bloom (2 Volume Set) - magic

This two-volume set takes a unique look into the fertile mind of Gaetan Bloom. These books have been years in the making and are guaranteed to be a modern classic.

The books contain over 150 wildly-original effects by Gaetan Bloom. If you have seen any of his other releases, you will know that Gaetan doesn't create variations of standard plots; his magic is different. It's weird. It's original. It's amazing.

When it comes to genres of magic, Gaetan does not discriminate. The book contains original stage magic, close-up, illusions, cabaret, mentalism and more. The book even contains Gaetan's free-standing display mysteries. Intrigued? Wait until you see them!

  • Two huge volumes
  • Over 150 effects
  • Hundreds of beautiful James Hodges drawings
  • Historic photos of Gaetan and many great magicians
  • Includes Bloom's marketed effects and scarce magazine routines
  • All of Gaetan's lecture notes
  • Many new previously unpublished effects
  • Rare material on Winston Freer
"The material is absolutely sensational as is the design and production. It is an absolute modern classic." Andy Nyman

Top-quality satin-finish acid-free paper, Smyth-sewn and hardbound with beautiful full-color dust jackets.


Customer reviews for Full Bloom (2 Volume Set)

Dan Perkins

Um, I believe it's spelled Gaetan, not Gaeton fellas. At any rate, I've followed Gaetan's career since the 70s, and have been waiting for a "big" book of his magic. Now we have two! It's all here, wonderfully produced, and there is just so much to learn from this energetic, creative fellow. Bravo and my books arrived VERY quickly. Thank you for packing them so well.


Aiden Williams

They arrived already and I have gone through book one, and it is even better than I expected. This guy is pure genius. I had heard of Gaetan long ago and even bought his video tapes years ago, but I know that he was holding a lot back. Nothing is held back now! These books are an ESSENTIAL new release, and I can't wait to digest book 2.


Alex Smith

I just wanted to compliment Josh and Andi on an HONEST review. I agree completely about the illustrations being totally insufficient to learn the genius apparatus magic he explains. That said, they are a great study tool. I rely on the honesty with which you describe products, and it's nice to see one shop out there, finally, that tells it like it is. Bravo.