Gaetan Bloom's Linking Pins

DVD by Gaetan Bloom
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Gaetan Bloom's Linking Pins

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DVD by Gaetan Bloom ($40.00)

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Gaetan Bloom's Linking Pins - magic

This is a rare thing: when a true veteran of close-up magic tips an ENTIRE routine. With this DVD package, you have the pins themselves and the DVD so that you can perform the routine, start to finish.

Just as in a ballet, the two pins link together and separate, always and without ending, right before the eyes of the amazed spectators... It's so beautiful and so pure that everyone wants to examine the pins at the end of the trick... and they can! The closer you are the better it is... and the more impossible it is!

For more information:

"It was the Master himself Slydini, who showed me this routine, a long time ago. The moves were completely magic, but the method forbade all examination. The night after, in a flash, a new handling came to me... I created a new gimmick which allows me to perform Slydini's original routine the Golden Safety Pins without switching the pins at all...
Also, the pins are now longer, showing off the different moves better: they are truly shown from every angle, are really closed, from start to finish and can be examined at the end... It is one of my favorite "babies"... Really!" - Gaetan Bloom


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