Grandma's Necklace

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Grandma's Necklace - magic

Sometimes the oldies are just as effective today as they were many years ago, and we believe Grandma's Necklace is one of these classics.

Grandma's Knot is a very old and cute pocket trick that goes as follows. You take a necklace from your pocket, (in this case two strands of silken cords), and show the cords running through three beads. Taking one of the cords from either end you tie a single knot and then cover the knot and beads with a borrowed handkerchief so that only the four ends of the cords are visible. You reach underneath and then impossibly, you proceed remove the beads from the cords without cutting and everything can be examined.

Grandma's Knot may be old, but nothing takes away its apparent impossibility and is one for any budding, as well as any seasoned magician.

Your purchase includes three ordinary beads and two silken cords.


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