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Andrew Mayne presents an evil twist on a classic shock magic effect. Hook is Andrew Mayne's devious update to the classic needle through arm effect. Shove an unprepared fish hook through your arm while a spectator holds on to one end of it at all time. For a disturbing finale, you rip the fish hook straight out of your arm completely unharmed.

Phase 1: Demonstrate your ability to control pain by piercing a fish hook through your skin.

Phase 2: Display your uncanny ability to control your blood flow by moving the hook around without a single drop of blood.

Phase 3: Rip the fish hook from you flesh and appear to heal instantaneously in a supernatural manner.

All of this takes place while the spectator holds on to one end of the hook.

Includes step-by-step instructions and special handling instructions. 

NOTE: Large fish hook not included.

Running Time Approximately 30 mins

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Customer reviews for Hook

Pablo Reid

A wonderful take on a classic effect! Practical, easy, and visual!


Carl Mayer

Super simple and very easy to do! Great for those one off performance that you need something scary!