Trick by KimTung Lin
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Trick by KimTung Lin ($49.95)

Some options in stock. Order now — we'll send it first thing Monday morning
Hurricane - magic

If you're all for the visual, Hurricane by KimTung Lin is definitely for you. Hurricane will make your audience do a double take as you transform one bill into an instant bill explosion.

Bill-repeat routines have been a popular parlour effect, but lack one thing, a perfect ending that will truly surprise your audience. Hurrican by KimTung Lin is about to change all that. The basic effect is that you show a number of dollar bills in your hands. You throw some away, leaving just one in your hand. Suddenly, you transform that one bill into an instant explosion of bills in your hand. What's more, Hurrican is an extremely versatile gimmick allowing you to turn almost anything into a stash of bills too, such as a phone, a bill, a lottery ticket, a cheque, a poster, a fan of blank paper, an envelope and more!

Great as a promotional tool for the tradeshow worker, allowing you to change your client's poster and leaflets into coupons and vouchers. A true workers prop for tradeshow and commercial events, combining solid magic with promotional outcomes.

Incredibly visual, magical and memorable. There is nothing like this on the market right and with its ability for you to customise and adapt, it's perfect for parlour, stage and commercial workers.

  • Extremely visual
  • The perfect promotional tool - perfect for commercial shows
  • Comes with pre-made gimmick plus 15 ultra-thin bills

Comes with fully made gimmick and fanning bills, as well as complete tutorials on how to perform this amazing effect and customise it to other currencies or objects.

PLEASE NOTE: Some preparation is involved. This unit requires printing from a file and may require additional magnets, depending on your intended use. 

Available in US Dollars, British Pounds or Japanese Yen


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