Trick by Shin Lim
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Trick by Shin Lim ($80.00)

Some options in stock. Order now — we'll send it first thing Monday morning
iConic  - magic
iConic iConic iConic iConic iConic iConic

Inspired by Jerry Andrus' Omni Deck, iConic allows you to turn your iPhone completely clear. The routines included are perfect for close up, street, parlor and stage:

iMovie - imagine the apple logo moving sporadically across the apple iPhone. No angles to worry about. You have full control of where you want the apple logo to go at all time.

iPic - on your command, cause the camera of an iPhone to vanish and reappear on the opposite end of the iPhone. Make it vanish, reappear, change, etc.

iCash - borrow a dollar bill and a cellphone. With a wave of the iPhone, that dollar bill cleanly changes into a 20 dollar bill. You hand everything out for examination.

iBite - similar to the biting quarter, you rip a part of the iPhone, and then visually restore the bitten piece

iCrack - you drop the "spectators" phone on the ground and show them a crack in the screen. You apologize and just with a simple shake the screen restores itself to a brand new screen. The iPhone is fully working and there's no damage whatsoever.

iVanish - have the power to visually vanish any phone and change it into any object. No sleeves, no wires, pulls, magnets. Perfect for a stage or parlor routine

For each effect, some DIY is required for customization of the included gaff phones. All of the necessary gimmicks are included in the set. Available in gold or silver. Choose during checkout.


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