DVD by Jason Yu
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DVD by Jason Yu ($34.95)

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Imprint - magic

What is it like to go beyond our dimension and sneak into another? Sounds like Hollywood type of special effect, except now you get to show people LIVE IN PERSON.

Jason Yu from SansMinds' in-house designer team has designed Imprint to challenge the boundary of what visual magic could be. Imagine being able to toss any small object INTO a bill and immediately hand the bill out. This is the ultimate form of organic magic. The seemingly impromptu nature leaves the spectators no room to disbelieve but to drop their jaws.

Important: TV rights not included with purchase. Please contact SansMinds for TV rights.

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Gary Grigery

My name is Gary Grigery, I have been purchasing & presenting illusions for many years. IMPRINT would be an incredible illusion if any Country in the world actually minted coins that could be attracted by a magnet. There are no regular coins attracted by a magnet. Steel core coins are an expensive addition necessary to preform IMPRINT. Very disappointed with the HIGH cost of IMPRINT ans added expense of extra needed steel core coins. I wish I didn't fall for the AD impression.


Utah Patel

I know some people have some issues with this effect but I really love it! It looks just as good as it does in the trailer and it's pretty practical! It obviously has performance restrictions just like any good effect but when you're able to do it, it looks amazing


Utah Patel

This is a really great effect! Perfect for different performances! It does take some work but when the opportunity comes up, it's perfect!


Jake Lundgren

Jason Yu

I hate to give horrible reviews, but, in order to maintain honesty and help aid magic consumers, I feel obligated to share my opinion on this effect.
Imprint is SansMinds trick where an object is thrown at a dollar bill in it then becomes printed on the bill. The second you're done watching the trailer the only thought in your head is "WOW!" Because, it does look fantastic! However, I can't imagine this ever playing well in the real world. Not only is it super angle sensitive but you must have a table.
Overall, there's not really too much to say, The trick looks fantastic for videos, but it's just so frustrating that you can't use it live.