Incredible Shrinking Finger

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Incredible Shrinking Finger - magic

Your naked pinkie finger is displayed in all its natural pinkie-ness. You gently grasp the tender pinkie with the thumb and forefinger of your other hand...and visibly compress your little finger into an incredibly teeny tiny it's about half the size of the original!

Both sides of the weird tiny stumpy thing are shown. The pint-size pinkie even wiggles a bit. It actually is your real finger...just a whole lot smaller.

You then stretch your dwarfed digit back to its original pinkie size...where it can be poked and prodded by disturbed passers-by.

  • No fake fingers
  • Both hands are seen empty before you start
  • Easy to do
  • Re-sets in seconds
  • Perform surrounded

Comes complete with shrinking finger kit that adapts the gimmick to your very own personal pinkie.

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