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Our friend, Josh Janousky has channeled his creativity into COMPLETELY reforming the "Omni" plot so that it is now the perfect trick for you to carry with you EVERWHERE. Invisibill takes will give any routine you do with a banknote a truly unexpected kicker ending. A simple, familiar object - a borrowed bill - becomes CLEAR.

If you like magic that packs flat, this is your dream effect. Keep it in your wallet, where it will remain unseen until you want to show somebody a truly memorable piece of magic. You'll see why this is one of Josh's go to effects, week after week, in his professional walk-around work.

  • Perform with ANY currency (yes, plastic currencies too!)
  • Taught in detail
  • Gimmicks included
  • Angle proof
  • Easy to make your own at home!
In addition, Josh also tips his "Credit 2 Cash" effect: a visual transformation of a credit card into a stack of bills. Combined with the Invisibill routine, you will have a full set in your wallet.? 

You will receive:
  • Several gimmicks of various currencies, ready to perform (1000 Indonesia Note, 5 dollar Australian, 5 pound UK, 1000 Yen, 5 dollar Canadian, 5 Euro, 1 Dollar US)
  • You will also receive the electronic files to create more gimmicks for US, Australian, and Canadian dollars, along with Pounds, Euros, and Yen. 
  • Online video instructions explaining handlings and tricks in detail.
All I can say about this is I want it and I want it now. It's a moment every human wished they can do. I want to give the public this magic feeling. Teach me!Rocco
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