Trick (pre-order) by Simon Craze


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Trick (pre-order) by Simon Craze ($29.95)

JENZO - magic

JENZO: The most original reveal ever?

JENZO allows you to predict a selected card or number. In the most puzzling of ways. 

Magicians and puzzles go together like, well, Chris Ramsay and Youtube subscribers. 

JENZO is a brand new idea in magic. A beautiful leather pouch (included) is brought out. And four, curious, engraved puzzle tiles are removed. The spectator can fully examine everything. 

A card is selected, or a number chosen. 

The four puzzling tiles are then moved around. The rune-like etchings at first seem random and bizarre. Then, as the pieces are moved together, they form a prediction of the audience’s selection. 

You need to watch the trailer above to get an idea of how unusual and amazing this looks. 

Tactile, tantalizing and tricky. JENZO is something you’ll want to carry with you every day if you like performing out of the ordinary and memorable magic. 


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    Jess asks: Can all number values in the deck be made with the tiles or are you limited to those shown in the trailer?

    • 1. Jim answers: You can reveal every option as shown in the demo trailer.
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