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John Kennedy's amazing hit trick Jump has been unavailable for years but we have managed to get a very small number of them for our customers. You have seen this on television by most of the greats, although you might not have recognized it!

You can cause objects to jump, move, fly away, and more, even from several feet away. Our favorite effect is one of the most simple. Put a pen in a mug, stand back, and upon command the pen jumps out of the cup! Both objects are immediately examinable.

What you are buying with Jump is a sturdy tool that allows you to create miracles like this, without the aid of another person. We can't divulge too much, but at Vanishing Inc. you know that we like to give you the whole picture. We can say this: it is thread-based, electronic, and completely sure-fire. There is a programmable delay, so whatever it is you choose to animate (matches, pen, cards, napkin, spoon, etc.), your hands are empty and in full view when the magic occurs.

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