Knock Knock

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Trick by Himitsu Magic ($59.95)

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Knock Knock - magic

The performer takes out 5 boxes that cannot be seen through from a bag. And a thumbtack is displayed and placed in any chosen box while performer has his back turned. Then the performer puts all the boxes into the bag to mess up the order. The spectator places all the boxes on the table. The performer walks over to the boxes and instantly smashes the four boxes with his hand, leaving the box with the thumbtack underneath untouched! 

  • The close-up version of spike trick never been seen before.
  • No marked ,no switch, no setting required
  • No force,everything can be examined by the spectator after the performance
  • Easy to carry.
  • Use same gimmick over and over again
  • Gimmick allow you to do many creative ideas
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