Trick by Tjiu Agus Haryanto
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Trick by Tjiu Agus Haryanto ($69.95)

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Leap - magic

If you take just one look at the trailer for "Leap" you will have one of two reactions. If you are familiar with the classic dealer item "Copentro," in which a coin penetrates a glass dome and flies into a shot glass, you will welcome "Leap" as the BEST solution to the plot. If you have never heard of "Copentro," you are in for a treat. Watch the accurate, fair trailer as it appears like a special effect! Coins and finger rings seem to materialize inside a glass.

The giant leap forward here is that they have replaced silly, geeky, magic-style props from the original and now use an innocent pack of cards and a drinking glass. This is a huge improvement in making the effect appear natural.

The other wonderful feature is the price! The mechanics of the original made it a highly expensive item, usually in a wood base and with many moving parts. Now, the items are casual and the price is almost unbelievably low, for what you get.

So what do you get? You get a shot glass, a red card box that takes care of all the work, a replacement blue box if you use blue cards, and detailed instructions on how to perform the routine.

Watch the trailer over and over to see how amazing this looks!

Forget about gimmicks that are made for YouTube. This gimmick has been designed to be used. Finally, one of the all-time most magical close-up effects has been rescued from the back drawer and reimagined to become a feature of your act.

NOTE: Leap does not work with all ring sizes.

BONUS: We have filmed an instructional video that will be put into your account as soon as you order so that you can learn "Leap" instantly!


Customer reviews for Leap

Matthew Brandt

It looks like the trailer which is great. The reason I put pretty good is because I did have it break a glass, which makes me a little nervous about when and where I perform this.