Liberty Vanish

Trick by Katsuya Masuda
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Liberty Vanish

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Trick by Katsuya Masuda ($39.95)

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Liberty Vanish - magic

What was one the largest trick ever performed, David Copperfield's vanish of the Statue of Liberty, is now a pocket sized illusion. The good news is that this is very fooling as well!

You show a postcard of the Statue of Liberty. With a wave of your hand, the statue immediately vanishes and appears, in the form of a figurine in your pocket!

As a stand alone trick this is very good but imagine this. You leave the trick on your coffee table at home. We're sure that, like us, you have magazines, cards etc. lying on your table anyway so a postcard will blend in perfectly. Wait for that perfect moment when someone says, 'oh, when were you in New York?'. You can seamlessly transition into showing them an amazing trick!

  • Visual
  • Easy to do
  • Quick reset

What you get:

  • Gimmicked Postcard
  • Statue of Liberty figurine. (Style may vary)

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Customer reviews for Liberty Vanish

Henrik Kaur

All hail Masuda. if you like the look of the trailer, that's exactly how it looks in real life. I'm sure as heck going to be leaving this on my shelf until someone asks about it. Then I'm going to 'spontaneously' show them it!

Really cool, fun gimmick that is a great toy and an amazing trick!


Marshall Adams

Ahhhhhh! This looks like trick photography!!! It looks just as good in person as well. Such a fun idea. From the large scale to the small scale. I just have to wait for someone to say.... 'yeah...but can you make the Statue of Liberty disappear'!


Matthew Brandt

I like this trick. It looks great and I use it. It just suffers from the "how do you get into it?" issue, and the reset takes a little work, but right time right place and this is amazing.