Lynx Smart Smoke Watch

Trick by Joao Miranda
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Lynx Smart Smoke Watch

375.00 usd

Trick by Joao Miranda ($375.00)

Out of stock. Email me when new stock arrives.
Lynx Smart Smoke Watch - magic

The smart smoke watch is the most innovative, sexiest and reliable method for producing beautiful clouds of smoke from the magician's bare hands and is completely sleeveless.

  • No wires
  • No cables
  • No big battery packs

Finally the magician can produce the smoke in one self-contained wristwatch, making the effect much stronger and clean.

This version is half the thickness of the original version, and has a much more modern look. The smoke production has been improved regarding the smoke thickness.

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Customer reviews for Lynx Smart Smoke Watch


A few weks ago I got my new Smart Lynx watch. Wanna give you my feedback about this item.
So I think - The WORST EVER Item from Joao Miranda!!!!!! But there are some pluses and also some minuses.....

1) it is thinner than the 1st Lynx watch
2) possibility to produce really a lot of smoke in every puff

NO more pluses!!!

1) battery behind the wrist - SO Uncomfortable...... much better was in 1st version. Yeah I know about thikness but anyway its bad
2) Back cover is so terrible!!!!!!!!! Can't close It tight - I saw tutorial but its not work....
3) Back cover has sharp edges inside....

So my rating for this Item ONLY - 3......
I will prefer some thing like that designe or may be some sport version but with battery inside the watch and quantity of smoke like in Smart version....

Best regards!