Magnetic Pencil

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Magnetic Pencil - magic

From the makers of the Magnetic Card, the Magnetic Pencil is an accessory item for coin effects like vanishes and changes, PK and psychic stunts, mentalism and more.

Routine examples:

  • Tap a coin on a spectator's hand and it changes to a mini coin.
  • Mentally locate the pencil in a group of envelopes.
  • Make the pencil stand on your hand.
  • Use your 'mind' to make the pencil move while covered by a glass.
  • Drop the pencil in a paper tube, where it stays until you tell it to drop out.

These routines and many more are possible. (Note: props for the above routines are not included. Most are either already owned or available from most magic dealers.)

Includes one magnetic pencil and routine suggestions.

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