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Mentalist's Vocabulary Flash Cards is a wonderfully deceptive drawing duplication effect from the creative minds at Tenyo. A clean and powerful routine that's easy to learn and perform.

Tenyo are well known for their creativity, and these flash cards are one of the latest examples of this thinking. The basic effect is that a number of cards are shown containing words, which are mixed by the spectator, squared and then cut. The spectator looks at the card they cut to and remembers the word written on it, for example 'Mount Fuji'. The magician is then able to discern the thought and draw what the spectator is thinking. You can do this twice in a row, under increasingly fair conditions and the cards may be shuffled before each choice is made.

The cards show a Japanese word, its kanji symbol, and its English equivalent and are punched with a hole to allow you to attach to a keyring.

  • Easy to learn and perform
  • Two phase routine supplied
  • Instant reset

Mentalist's Vocabulary Flash Cards is an ideal addition to any strolling or close-up mind reading performer's repertoire, suited to all levels of ability, and with the Japanese to English translations you can even expand your Japanese vocabulary using these flashcards!

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