Methods in Magic: Joshua Jay Live in the UK

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Joshua Jay has taken this lecture all over the world, and now he brings it to your living room! If you have never seen Joshua lecture live, it is unlike any lecture you have ever seen: interactive, fast-paced, theoretical, and packed with clever magic you will use. If you have seen Joshua lecture before, there is STILL tons of content you’ve never seen here. Joshua lectures on bonus routines that he has never tipped before, and shares unique insights into performing and creating.

What the pros have to say:

"You will see Joshua at his very best!  A clever, likeable, and entertaining magician. The tricks are good but the lessons he teaches are even better." -Bill Malone

"In an overflowing sea of magical DVDs, this one stands high above the rest because of its tremendous value, its excellent content and it's just plain fun to watch!" -Daryl

"I'm very impressed. The tricks and explanations are good, but this DVD shows the off-camera side of Joshua that has not been captured on video before. Better than going to a lecture; it's like spending a couple of days with him. Bravo." -John Bannon

"Joshua Jay is the complete package: original, skillful, engaging and modest. The anti-Criss Angel!" -Greg Wilson

"Some people perform magic and some people are magic. Very few people have both of these qualities. Josh is one of them! Brilliant stuff!" -Wayne Dobson"

Joshua Jay is one of the very best magicians of his generation and this DVD underlines why... along with why he really shouldn't attempt the English accent!" -Jon Allen

"I thoroughly enjoyed the DVD - every bit as entertaining as the original Lecture!" -Ian Kendall

"Joshua's lecture is highly engaging and full of fiendishl
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Customer reviews for Methods in Magic: Joshua Jay Live in the UK

Tom Williams

One of the best DVD's I have purchased. I loved every second of it. Its a decent chunk of tricks explained every well, and Joshua goes into the history and advantages of the tricks and inspires other possibilities. The "Heightened Senses" trick is a real kicker. My Best Buy.


andrew mansell

This is a lecture designed to make you think about your magic. There's something for everyone and by lectures end you will already be thinking of how you can play with current effects to produce fresh new routines.

Loved discrete displacement and the 3 coin vanish.