Money Shuffle

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Money Shuffle - magic

Since its inception in the early 1970's, Martin Lewis' delightful "Sidewalk Shuffle" has been added to the regular performing repertoires of many of magic's elite. Among these is Michigan favourite, Hank Moorehouse, who adopted, then adapted the routine for his own use at trade shows.

An expert in the field, Moorehouse took the finest elements of "Sidewalk Shuffle", then altered the cards such that he could frame the effect for the corporate market. The result is MONEY SHUFFLE, a wonderfully commercial routine that is, at the same time,

extremely flexible, such that it can be tailored specifically to virtually any type of business!

A jumbo card is shown (The Company), upon which are 3 dollar signs, layed out in the pattern of an Ace. When thrown together with three blank cards (The Competition), the $ sign card begins to exibit some very bizarre tendencies.

For starters, when placed in the middle of the packet, it always jumps to the top! Then, when a blank card is clearly placed on the table, the $ sign card changes places with it under impossible conditions!

The experiment is repeated under even greater scrutiny, and still the cards transpose! Finally, the three blank cards change into three $ sign cards, and the $ sign card becomes blank!

Comes with jumbo cards printed on credit card stock to last a lifetime, instruction booklet written by David Acer, and Hank Moorehouse's professional corporate presentation!

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