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If you need strong magic that takes place in a spectator's hand, then Osmosis delivers!

This linking rubber band and ring routine is so incredibly visual and troubling to the mind, that spectators will start reevaluating their definitions of "possible" and "impossible"!

You hand out a rubber band for examination and borrow a spectator's ring. You place both in the spectator's hand, yet when they open their hand, the ring is very clearly linked on the rubber band. And it comes off just as easily! Talk about packing flat and playing big!

Better yet, the reset is immediate and it's easy to perform - everything you could want! You even get bonus routines with additional handlings and routines.

So get yourself something powerful and extremely visual that stretches your spectator's reality. Order Osmosis today!

Includes specially designed gimmick and online instructions. 

"Clear, straightforward, visual. The kind of magic I like!"Henry Evans

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