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At Vanishing Inc. Magic we specialize in the genre called "close-up." Think David Blaine, Dynamo, and any magic you've seen up close, right under your nose. There is no question, for us, that a miracle witnessed up close and with interaction is always stronger than some stage illusion seen from a great distance. That's why the focus on our business is close-up magic.

If you're new to magic, our co-founder Joshua Jay literally "wrote the book" on close-up magic for beginners: Magic: The Complete Course.

Best Sellers Book
Best Sellers
Book by Tom Sellers - $29.95

Tom Sellers produced over a dozen books in his time, but you can get the best of all of them in Best Sellers. This prolific inventor came up with the famed Bank Night plot as well as so much more, and that novel thinking is condensed into this extraordinary volume. You'll find a huge...

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The Magic of Pavel Book
The Magic of Pavel
Book by Pavel and Peter Warlock - $29.95

Peter Warlock brings you the superlative magic of Pavel in this collection, The Magic of Pavel. Pavel was a creative force in magic, and this text contains a wide-ranging set of his effects, from close-up to parlor and stage, and including ropes, silks, rings, and more. A collection of effects...

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Social Networks Trick
Social Networks
Trick by Marchand de Trucs and Maxime Schucht - $29.95

Are ESP symbols or playing cards falling flat with the younger generation? Hit them with something that will relate; hit them with Social Networks! You will get 50 cards that designed to emphasize emoticons and digital communication. These will allow you to perform all your old ESP-card routines,...

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Perfect VanishRing Box Trick
Perfect VanishRing Box
Trick - $85.00

Perfect for magic or mentalism, it's the VanishRing Box! This versatile device is perfect for peeks at small objects within, tailor-made for your psychometry and other mentalism routines. However, you can also use it for other magic routines where your need to steal a small object (rings,...

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A New Look at the Okito Box Book
A New Look at the Okito Box
Book by Lewis Ganson - $5.00

Looking to take your coin work in a new direction? Check out Ganson's A New Look at the Okito Box! This text will provide a solid foundation for the classic apparatus, teaching beginning and advanced moves and routines. Chapters include: Basic MovesSome Basic EffectsMagnetic CoinsRoutinesAdditional...

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Sonic Stab DVD
Sonic Stab
DVD by SansMinds Productionz - $24.99

A modern-day update for the venerable Card Stab, Sonic Stab is sure to get a spectator's attention! Get ready to channel that inner Indiana Jones as you whip out your headphones and stab a card! That's right, Sonic Stab lets you stab a chosen card from an in-air deck with your headphones! In...

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Pocket Minds Trick
Pocket Minds
Trick by UNKNOWN MENTALIST - $29.95

One poker-sized card, five amazing effects. See what top mentalists already know about the power of Pocket Minds. With this one well-designed card, you are able to divine: a thought-of worda word related to volunteer's date of birtha thought-of symbola thought-of elementa date of birthSounds...

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Multicolor Rope Link 24
Multicolor Rope Link 24"
Trick by Mr. Magic - $4.95

A true baffler for adults and children alike. You tie the ends together of three different-colored ropes, and with a magical wave of the hand, they combine together to form a 24-inch-long multi-colored rope.A perfect opener to grab their attention!

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Small World Book
Small World
Book by George Tait - $24.95

This three-phase packet trick hits so hard that it is out of this world! Literally! Small World takes the "Out of This World" effect and streamlines it into a powerful multi-phase packet trick with only ten cards. Yet, it packs just as much punch as the original. Spectators have the power to...

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Special Edition NOW-U-C-IT, NOW-U-DON'T DVD & props
Special Edition NOW-U-C-IT, NOW-U-DON'T
DVD & props by Meir Yedid Magic - $45.00

"If I had to do just one thing to prove I am a magician, it would be NOW-U-C-IT, NOW-U-DON'T."Meir Yedid Prove your magic mettle once and for all with NOW-U-C-IT, NOW-U-DON'T. With no suspicious moves, you can show your hand empty front and back, but close your hand and open it, and...

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Metamorphosis XL Trick
Metamorphosis XL
Trick by Wayne Dobson - $49.99

Get ready to perform the impossible literally under their noses! This is Metamorphosis XL by Wayne Dobson! With no complicated sleight of hand, you'll love performing this effect! You place a silver and Chinese coin in the spectator's hands, and then remove one and put in on the back of their...

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Routines with the Himber Type Linking Finger Ring Book
Routines with the Himber Type Linking Finger Ring
Book by Ken de Courcy and Richard Himber - $9.95

Discover the power of the Linking Finger Ring in Routines with the Himber Type Linking Finger Ring. Whether you own one or are considering it, you won't want to miss this publication! Get advice from the Masters as you baffle and bewilder audiences using a ring you wear to the performance....

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Money Printing Machine Trick
Money Printing Machine
Trick by The Essel Magic - $24.95

Everyone's dream come true: printing your own money! You insert paper into one side of the apparatus, and out comes legal tender, ready to be examined by the audience. Make the miracle come true for your audience and get one today!

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Lolli Hero Spiderman and Hulk Trick
Lolli Hero Spiderman and Hulk
Trick by Steve Rowe - $35.00

Up, up and away! Here's an effect that will take you from zero to hero! Imagine showing a normal-looking lollipop to spectators. Then you put it into your mouth. The spectator calls out the name of a selected superhero, and you go to work, using teeth and tongue to mold and form that...

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The Sight Unseen Case - Generation II Trick
The Sight Unseen Case - Generation II
Trick by Mark Strivings - $75.00

They said it couldn't get better, but they were wrong. Meet Sight Unseen Case, Generation II! The original Sight Unseen Case was so powerful and versatile, it's hard to imagine it getting better, but that's exactly what happened. While still normal-enough to fly under the radar of any...

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The Sight Unseen Case Trick
The Sight Unseen Case
Trick by Mark Strivings - $65.00

The one, the only, the utility item top mentalists carry with them every day... The Sight Unseen Case does just that, rendering so many options to mentalists invisible by allowing unseen access to a business card inside it. Its versatility is amazing! You can nail or boon write, pocket write,...

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Haunted Hanky Trick
Haunted Hanky
Trick by The Essel Magic - $3.95

A classic of magic for a reason. Make a handkerchief come to life right in front of you, lifting in the middle. Your spectators will think twice about blowing their noses after seeing this one!

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4D Printer Trick
4D Printer
Trick by Tenyo Magic - $24.00

From the minds at Tenyo comes another brilliant effect! Now you can magically print your own cards! It seriously is just that easy. You put blank cards into a cleverly built gimmick. You pull out printed cards, either playing cards or "Happy Birthday" cards. Spectators can burn your...

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Sponge Ball to Duck Trick
Sponge Ball to Duck
Trick by The Essel Magic - $14.95

This will get incredible reactions from kids and adults alike! Put two white sponge balls into the spectator's hand, but when they open it, a 3D sponge duck sits there, looking back. Where did it come from? Did it hatch from the sponge balls? They'll only know if you tell them...

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Himber Coin Purse Trick
Himber Coin Purse
Trick by Jerry O'Connell - $22.25

Let this coin purse do the work for you! The Himber Coin Purse is set up to do all the work of a coin switch for you, and its two-sided nature will make the switch a breeze. That means you can concentrate on presentation and having fun. However, you can also just use it to store your coins,...

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