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At Vanishing Inc. Magic we specialize in the genre called "close-up." Think David Blaine, Dynamo, and any magic you've seen up close, right under your nose. There is no question, for us, that a miracle witnessed up close and with interaction is always stronger than some stage illusion seen from a great distance. That's why the focus on our business is close-up magic.

If you're new to magic, our co-founder Joshua Jay literally "wrote the book" on close-up magic for beginners: Magic: The Complete Course.

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Science Friction Trick
Science Friction
Trick by Alexander Kolle - $95.00

Forget those roughing and adhesive sprays and get the amazing new Nano Fluid for your playing cards. It's Science Friction! Science Friction can do everything your old cans of roughing and adhesive spray could do, but even more! This rubber adhesive nano spray will let you perform sleights...

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World's End DVD
World's End
DVD by Takahiro - $29.95

Prepare yourself for the simple, the elegant, the impossible. Prepare for the World's End! In this amazing DVD, Takahiro takes you through six miraculous routines that are pure eye candy! You'll learn how to make coins appear and disappear, transform and transpose, all with a grace and beauty...

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Conjuring as a Craft Book
Conjuring as a Craft
Book by Ian Adair - $14.95

Conjuring as a Craft is one of those books magicians should own because it's packed with so much different material that it is virtually guaranteed to get your mind working on new effects! Whether you are into close-up or walk-around magic, parlor or stage, there something in this...

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Opus Thirteen Book
Opus Thirteen
Book by Eric Lewis - $49.95

Take journey with Eric Lewis and his superlative magic in Opus Thirteen. Not only are the effects amazing and crowd=pleasing, but they span a huge range of magic, including close-up, parlor and stage; children's magic and the bizarre; and so much more. Do yourself a favor and but your copy today...

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Magic Sand 8 oz Trick
Magic Sand 8 oz
Trick by Steve Spangler Science - $6.25

Magic Sand begins as normal looking sand, until the magic is added, that is. Then it's dry even after it has been dumped into a container of water. Build castles and other structures under the water, and then simply pour the water off when you're finished -- the sand is still dry! You can use...

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Keymaster Chrome Trick
Keymaster Chrome
Trick by World Magic Shop - $39.00

As used by DYNAMO on his hit TV show, KEYMASTER is an incredibly visual effect where the magic happens in the spectator's hand! You place a key in the spectator's hand and right in front of their eyes remove the hole from yours. A quick tossing motion and their key now has two holes! You give them...

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Svenlopes SUPERHEROES Trick
Trick by Sven Lee - $34.95

The next step in the evolution of the Svengali Principle is here with Svenlopes! No longer do you need complicated procedures or specially gimmicked objects to force a card, coin, message, etc., because the Svenlopes do the forcing for you! One cut puts you at the desired object. ...

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CGI Trick
Trick by James Keatley - $35.00

Imagine drawing an object on the back of a playing card and then plucking the object off right in front of their eyes. Impossible? Not anymore, thanks to CGI! This effect does just that, allowing you to produce an object in real time that you just drew, leaving a blank card behind. Turn sketches...

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Joe Porper's Wedding Band Ellis Ring v 2.0 Trick
Joe Porper's Wedding Band Ellis Ring v 2.0
Trick by Illusion.Works - $200.00

The Jardine Ellis Ring is a classic magic apparatus, but it took Joe Porper redesign it as something elegant but useable, that you would carry with you everywhere. Joe Porper's Wedding Band Ellis Ring v 2.0 is a versatile piece of apparatus that can penetrate wands, ropes, fingers, etc., but with...

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He's Not Here Trick
He's Not Here
Trick by Jamie Daws - $32.25

Not many effects take a trick and elevate it into an experience, and a creepy one no less, but He's Not Here is woven of dark but beautiful threads to provide a haunting tapestry for your spectators. A chilling tale is told of a family portrait that inexplicably wound up torn to...

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Window Change Trick
Window Change
Trick by SMagic Productions - $29.95

We know you love magic that is quick, visual, and gets a huge reaction, so we bring you Window Change! You present an envelope with a large see-through window, yet with a simple wave or flick of the wrist, a transformation happens. Turn paper into money or one-dollar bills into a hundred! Better...

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Trick by Diamond Jim Tyler - $34.95

Delta Dice is a puzzling gambling-themed effect that will leave your spectators scratching their heads, wondering how they lost! You present three dice, one each of green, blue and red. You challenge the spectator to ten rolls, and they get to pick their die first, yet you manage to win. Now...

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Rapture DVD
DVD by Fraser Parker and Ross Taylor - $67.95

In their DVD debut, Ross and Fraser bring you some of their favorite methods and even unreleased material. Get ready for the Rapture! This superlative set will elevate your mindreading into the perceived realm of the real. You'll learn how to retrieve names entirely in a prop-less manner, divine...

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PaC Stack: Fully Constructed Trick
PaC Stack: Fully Constructed
Trick by Paul Carnazzo - $39.95

If you always wanted a PaC Stack but didn't have the time to make one, now you can buy one fully constructed! PaC Stack is a gimmick hiding in plain sight as a stack of blank business cards. However, this stack will let you peek at anything written on a business card, and even use it for secret...

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Your Mind is Still My Playground Book
Your Mind is Still My Playground
Book by Vincent Hedan - $44.95

If you love mentalism that blows spectators' minds, then look no further than Your Mind is Still My Playground. This French national champion mentalist brings you his original ideas for astounding and stupefying an audience. In this, his second book, you'll get 11 original effects that can be...

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Dai Vernon's Tribute to Nate Leipzig Book
Dai Vernon's Tribute to Nate Leipzig
Book by Lewis Ganson - $24.95

Dai Vernon's Tribute to Nate Leipzig is a real classic for good reason. The magic is POWERFUL, straight forward, and direct. What you get is some of Leipzig's best material, including card effects, coin magic, and his Stage Act! Seriously, how often do you get to sit down and...

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True or False Trick
True or False
Trick by Ickle Pickle - $14.95

Let them lie all they want, but the cards know the truth! A spectator picks from seven cards and then tells you the card they selected BUT... they can lie if they want. Either way, you spell out the name of their answer. Then you inquire if they told the truth or lied. Regardless, when you spell it...

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Horace Bennett's Prize Winning Magic  edited Book
Horace Bennett's Prize Winning Magic edited
Book by Hugh Miller - $19.95

Horace Bennett's Prize Winning Magic is difficult to find, but it's packed with classic routines, clever handling, and amazingly routined presentations. You'll learn some prize-winning effects, including those with silks, linking rings and billiard balls. Included are: ...

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A Pocketful of Miracles Book
A Pocketful of Miracles
Book by Hugh Miller - $29.95

A Pocketful of Miracles is an incredible collection of magic specifically for impromptu performer. Be ready anytime you need, be it at a table, standing up, with items your have on you or around you! Buy your copy today and always be ready to perform! Included are: 9 Chapter One At the Dinner...

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Trick by Olivier Magic Prod - $29.95

It's time to mess with your spectators' ideas of reality and the possible with REDSTORE!  In this new Torn and Restored Card method, a spectator signed card has a corner torn off, but with a wave of the hand, the corner changes color! Then you take the different-colored corner and reattach...

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