Paradox Card

Trick by Mickael Chatelain ($19.95)

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Sometimes an effect is so surreal, so paradoxical, that even IMAGINING it is an accomplishment.

Mickael Chatelain is a genius to not only imagine it, but to create a beautiful hand-crafted method to go with it.

Imagine holding up a playing card. One side facing you the other side facing your audience. The spectators see the card has a circle cut out of it. You explain to them that the hole is not round it is a square. The spectators look at you like you are crazy but sure enough when you turn the card there is indeed a square cut out of the card. You can repeat this as many times as your spectators desire.

Includes a gimmick card and online video instructions.

Available in Red or Blue back.

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Paul Hetherington

This is a really fun effect. Im not sure in what way I could fit it into a set but it's good for a few seconds of confusion among family, friends and colleagues. It's definitely crafted very well.