Paul Harris Presents Phone Phreak

Trick by Jeff Prace
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Paul Harris Presents Phone Phreak

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Trick by Jeff Prace ($44.95)

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Paul Harris Presents Phone Phreak - magic

You show a folded $1 "emergency" dollar (or other currency) stashed under the clear iPhone case that protects your phone. Everyone can clearly see the single dollar bill through the back of the case. Of course, for a bigger emergency you require a bigger bill. A quick wave of your empty hand and the dollar instantly changes to $5! Or if you feel like it, use no cover at all: just a quick shake and the $1 changes to a $5 in full view!

You then drop the cased phone with the changed $5 onto a spectator's hand, and the $5 instantly changes to a $20 bill (or any other bill you would like)!

She can immediately pop off the phone case and remove the $20 bill herself. And there's genuinely nothing else there! Just the phone, the case, and the bill.

Everything is examinable. The bill, the case, the phone, your hands, your clothes, your body...literally everything. There are no other bills, bits, or gimmicks anywhere to be found. 

Other effects that you can do with Phone Phreak include:

  • Torn and restored photo
  • Moving the Apple logo

  • Resets instantly
  • Everything is 100% examinable
  • No sleight-of-hand
  • No magnets, wires, threads, shells, sticky stuff, extra bits, etc.
  • No palming, loading, stealing, or ditching
  • Adapts to most foreign currencies (see list below)
    US, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Europe, Hungary, Japan, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Macau, Norway, Russia, Turkey, UK, Uruguay

If you have your iPhone, you can get Phreaky anytime, anywhere, whenever you feel like it!

Complete with custom Phone Phreak gimmick and downloadable instruction.

This is literally the best idea involving a cell phone I've ever seen. Versatile, visual, and the method is revolutionary. If you have an iPhone, you need this... you know you do. Dan Harlan
It looks great! I will actually do this and I'm not a fan of phone tricks. Nathan Kranzo
THE most clever use of an iPhone case... EVER!Greg Rostami
I love it! It's practical, resonant, practically self-working, and so clever that it's just fun to perform.Alex Linian
Jeff Prace is the millennial magic mind for modern mystery.Michael Carbonaro

NOTE: Phone Phreak will work with any iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, and 6. You must own one of these iPhones to perform Phone Phreak. Please specify which phone you have when ordering.

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