Perfect Prediction Dice

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Perfect Prediction Dice for Clear Prediction Ladder is a set of six dice -- each 12 mm. Two dice can be thrown into the ladder at the same time. 

The manufacturer makes two types of dice. The less expensive dice are fabricated on just the force side, meaning that they can be examined, but wouldn't withstand extreme scrutiny. These dice work fine in most types of routines.

The more expensive dice are fully fabricated on the gimmicked face and the other five non-gimmicked faces. Spectators can thoroughly examine these dice and they will not notice the gimmick. Prior to the effect, they may throw the dice to be sure they are "normal." And, spectators may place the dice into the ladder themselves.

You can choose which option you would like at the checkout. Please note that you only receive the dice: you must purchase the Perfect Prediction Ladder separately.


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