Position Impossible

Trick by Brent Braun
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Position Impossible

39.99 usd

Trick by Brent Braun ($39.99)

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Position Impossible - magic
"A beautiful routine."Penn Jillette
"Fooled me! Arrgghh!" Andi Gladwin
"A VERY strong card at any number attainable to magicians of every skill level! I WILL use this!" Cody S. Fisher
"Brent just killed any brain cells I'm left with!" Titanas

Brent Braun has been using Position Impossible to close his shows for over 5 years. It is now your chance to learn why. It's an Any Card at Any Number routine that is as devious as it is practical.

  • No memorization
  • No mathematics 
  • No stacked deck 
  • No sleight of hand 
  • No rough and smooth 
  • No sticky stuff 
  • No switch 
  • The cards are genuinely shuffled 
  • The cards are on the table and out of the magician's control before a number between 1-52 is even thought of.

It's this clean every time with no need to displace, move, or hide any cards. The spectator names any number and the selected card is always at that exact number; never one before or after but always at that exact number and the other 51 cards can be shown.

Position Impossible creates this theatrically beautiful moment where the spectator looks at every card and doesn't see hers. She knows the one on the table has to be hers but she also knows that impossible.

Position Impossible contains everything you need, including a 40+ minute video download that walks you through the routine step by step.

Position Impossible is custom manufactured and available in a very limited supply. Once these are gone they may never be available again.


Customer reviews for Position Impossible

Richard Tuckerman

Love it! I thought I was buying a trick. What was delivered was a utility prop of countless uses, limited only, as they say, by your imagination! Send me another one!


Jim Ackermann

I will incorporate this into my act right away! The trick is ingenious and the instructions on video are professionally and very well done. It was performed on Penn & Teller's FOOL ME. It did not fool them but they really liked the trick. VERY VISUAL and seemingly impossible. No real sleights involved and it has a rapid learning curve. RECOMMENDED


Charlie Perez

The concept is the combination on two old concepts making a real worker miracle. It is pretty easy to do, you have to work some little things and it gives you time for working on the presentation. On the right hands it is a completly miracle.