DVD & props by Nicholas Einhorn
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DVD & props by Nicholas Einhorn ($50.00)

In stock. Order in the next 3 hours, 38 minutes and it will go out today!
Pro-Flite - magic

Al Koran's Ring Flight is one of the strongest close-up magic tricks ever created. In Bob Swadling and Nick Einhorn's version, you borrow any ring, make it disappear and then show that it has instantly and safely reappeared amongst your keys!

Within minutes of watching the instructional DVD you will be adding Pro-Flite to your keys.

  • Be ready to perform an astonishing classic of magic anytime, anywhere.
  • No more fear of rings 'flying off'.
  • No reels, springs, magnets, fishing line or bulky key fobs.
  • No set up.
  • Allows the borrowed ring to appear amongst your keys while a spectator holds them.
  • Spectator can freely handle the gimmick.
  • Includes a bonus, high calibre Ring-on-String routine. (String included).
  • A practical 'Ring Flight' for real world, daily use.

Designed by two of the top creators in British magic, Bob Swadling (Creator of The Flipper Coin) and Nicholas Einhorn (F.I.S.M award winner & creator of Spooked - The Ultimate Haunted Deck).

Pro-Flite is simply one of the most practical, reliable and astonishing versions of Ring Flight currently available.

Package included gimmick and DVD

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Customer reviews for Pro-Flite

Yul Largado

Not wanting to spend too much money on a ring flight gimmick, this isn't bad. Gimmick is super simple, therefore making performance easy. You don't have to worry about anything mechanical breaking and the rings being shot across or lost on the floor. A little pricey, but satisfied.


Ryan Lockwood

I have heard it said from multiple people, pros and amateurs, that Einhorns Ring routine (Combining Proflite, Ring on string, Invisible Deck, and Nest of wallets) is one of the best routines created in the last decade... I agree.

Amazingly, it may also be one of the easiest. And takes up hardly any pocket space... PERFECT and i mean PERFECT!!!! for walk around.

This is the place to Learn the entire routine except for the Invisible Deck and Nest of wallets which is explained in the Nest DVD...

Someone else mentioned when you see the gimmick you might be dissapointed.. This is because its NOT a gimmick!!!
Until you watch the DVD and realize it IS! its just so clever and subtle that it surpassed even your own examination... so easy to use and convenient even for everyday use... ALOT of thought was put into this and it is so evident.
Einhorn produces the most practical material and it just takes one product to be a believer. Get this! you will not regret it!