Red Mint

Trick by Victor Sanz ($49.95)

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A pack of gum visually changes color and flavor. 

First the box, then a single piece of gum and finally all of the pieces visible in the box. Each change is more impossible and visual than the previous. You'll be creating special effects live. Best of all, at the end, you can hand out the gum so the spectator can confirm that not only the color changed but the flavor changed too!! The pack includes a gimmick which will do all the work for you. You will also receive an instructional videodownload in Spanish with English subtitles.

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Customer reviews for Red Mint

Patrick White

Red Mint is really great! I was shocked when I opened the package and I saw that the product was already assembled and ready to go out of the box! Most magic these days doesn't come complete like this! I'm really happy with Red Mint!


Gino Johnston

Wow! Red Mint is fantastic! So easy and so visual! I was a little concerned about the price but the effect comes 100% ready to go out of the box and it gets killer reactions!


Matthew Brandt

I love the idea and it is clever; however the first one I bought was broken upon opening. I sent it back got it replaced. The next one I got doesn't function as shown in the instructional video, to the point that its not practicle for me to use...very disappointing.