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The self-winding nut and bolt is an old trick and there have been many marketed versions... but this is the best.

But Re-Volution takes this to a whole new level. The magician can choose to not even touch the nut and bolt -- he simply takes his pair of tweezers and picks it up to show it's completely hands free.

With the bolt either pinched between the tweezers or the magician's thumb and finger (either method is unbelievable to watch!), the magician focuses his mind on the nut as it begins to wind itself up or down the bolt.

"This is awesome, practical magic at its best." Titanas
  • Gimmick included (plus a nut and bolt so you can start practicing right away!)
  • Easy to perform
  • Resets instantly

Batteries are replaceable, so you can use Re-Volution over and over again.

Full tutorial is also included, teaching you the main effect and other handlings and tips.

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Customer reviews for Re-Volution

Richard McKeithan

Received mine 2/20/18; great customer service. I've had a day or so to play with and it is a lot of fun. I'm going to enjoy getting out there and performing with it.

The gimmick is well made and reliable. There is some noise, but it is not too loud. I wouldn't recommend performing it in a really quiet environment, but it should be fine in everyday situations.

My only negative issue is the audio quality on the instructional video. For some inexplicable reason, annoying music is playing over the already poor audio making it a bit difficult to understand what is being said. The actual video instruction itself is adequate.

Overall I am really happy with the purchase. Despite the audio issue, I am still rating this as excellent.