Romero Box

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Trick by Antonio Romero ($60.00)

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Romero Box - magic

A change box inside a card case! Imagine the possibilities. Its clean and simple workings will open the doors to hundreds of effects. You will find new and powerful solutions for the tricks in your repertoire. Lastly, as an innocent-looking object. The box appears to be out of play and allows you to get rid of a gimmick after its use, such as switching gimmicked cards for regular ones.

Extremely useful for card magic, mentalism, and close-up magic.

Easy to handle.

Hundreds of possible effects.

May be used with coins, banknotes, business cards, and other objects.

Case especially designed for durability.

The Romero Box opens the doors to direct and clean effects with a minimum of handling. A simplicity attained through clever, thoughtful, and thorough engineering.

Huge success in Europe!

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