Ross Bertram's Legendary Magic #1

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Ross Bertram's Legendary Magic #1 - magic

Ross Bertram is a name that doesn't get the attention that it deserves. Bertram was a sleight of hand magician of the highest order. He was featured in the Stars of Magic series and held his own with magic's elite in the prime era of magic.

These DVDs are remastered versions of some old video tapes that were released many years ago. The footage was originally recorded as short films by Ross Bertram and his wife Helen. While the quality of the footage isn't as good as today's standards, the material massively outweighs that complained. You'll be fooled by every trick and you'll be in awe of every explanation, in which Bertram executes everything flawlessly.

Included in this volume:

THE WELCOME MAT - An introduction to Ross Bertram's amazing innovation in a performing surface for close-up magic. After witnessing an amazing demonstration of its possibilities, you'll learn its diabolical secret, how to make it and how to utilize it. Then, you'll be treated to performances and explanations of how to use the Welcome Mat for the Cut and Restored Rope, Sponge Balls and a great routine using Silver and Chinese coins.

MONEY MEN OF MAGIC - In this segment, you'll see Ross Bertram perform innovative coin magic inspired by great coin magicians of the past such as Downs, Miller, Shaw, Manuel and Bertram himself. Effects and sleights demonstrated include: Coin Production, Paper Fold Vanish, Coin Roll, One Coin Across, Two Halves & A Quarter, Coin & Glass Penetration, Bill Coin Rise, Four Coin Vanish, The Black Watch, Four Coin Fingertip Production, Coin Star

COINMASTER - This film features more of the superb, visual coin magic that made Ross Bertram a legendary name in the history of sleight-of-hand magic. You'll see performances that include: Bare Handed Vanish & Appearance, One Coin Routine, Dime to Jumbo Coin & Back, Spellbound Moves, Vanishes & Changes, Jumbo Coin Production, Four Coin Producti

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