Skycap 2.0

Trick by Luke Dancy ($39.95)

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Skycap was recieved with critical acclaim when it was released and we are please to present the new version with a re-engineered by UDAY JADUGAR

  • New semi-automatic gimmick with a bulletproof design.
  • No setup
  • No Reset
  • Available in Red
  • No cap switches or palming

And even sexier than that: your SKYCAP 2.0 can now be examined BEFORE and AFTER your performance.

Yep, your spectator can completely examine the normal-looking bottle cap then screw it onto the normal empty bottle.

You then take the spec's rolled-up bill or a normal straw or pen and visibly push it through the cap and into the sealed bottle.

You can even let the spectator push it through the cap herself!

You then immediately hand out the capped bottle with the object trapped inside for full examination again!

SKYCAP 2.0 comes complete with Uday's tough new beautifully gimmicked cap, instructional download with routines plus the entire original SKYCAP 1 download.

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