Special Edition NOW-U-C-IT, NOW-U-DON'T

DVD & props by Meir Yedid Magic ($45.00)

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"If I had to do just one thing to prove I am a magician, it would be NOW-U-C-IT, NOW-U-DON'T."Meir Yedid

Prove your magic mettle once and for all with NOW-U-C-IT, NOW-U-DON'T. With no suspicious moves, you can show your hand empty front and back, but close your hand and open it, and there rests a coin! Close your fist over the coin and open it again and the coin is gone! Pure magic! At least the spectators will think so!

But you can do even more! The accompanying DVD contains 60 minutes of performance and explanation of 20 routines, moves and ideas with NOW-U-C-IT, NOW-U-DON'T. Also, in addition to the versatile gimmick and instructions on how to make more, you get a booklet jam-packed with over 50 ideas, techniques and routines from the likes of Jeff Stewart, Ken Krenzel, Meir Yedid, Bob Friedhoffer, John Cornelius, James Swoger, Ed Mellon, David Regal and Steve Schneiderman.

Get yours today and you, too, can make objects disappear and reappear - just like real magic!

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