Trick by Johnny Wong ($84.95)

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This is so good, it's Spectacular! Welcome to Spectacular by Johnny Wong.

Johnny's latest and greatest gimmick is simple to use, but the transformations and transpositions it makes available look like pure eye candy! Your spectators won't know what hit them!

The DVD contains instruction on how to use this amazing gimmick, but some of the effects possible include:

  • Special Chinese coin thru glass table
  • Coin thru glass cup
  • Quickly pass thru any glass (table or cup)
  • Chinese coin thru audience member's hand into cup
  • Coin moves quickly from hand to hand
  • Unique 2 coin movement
  • 3 Fly - 3 coins fly into glass cup

Comes with two unique coins, one being a US Quarter Dollar, and another bronze Chinese Coin.

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