Starbucks Coffee Chop Cup

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Starbucks Coffee Chop Cup - magic

Many are saying that this is the “perfect” Chop Cup for the working performer. They are refashioned ACTUAL Starbucks Espresso mugs so they have a magnetic base. But these mugs are EXAMINABLE and look perfectly normal.

As Starbucks is an internationally recognize brand—an addiction for many, actually—the cup is perceived as a familiar prop. The Starbucks Chop Cup fits comfortably in the hand and in the pocket and come with two small croche balls. The magnet in the balls has been perfectly balanced to create the perfect release action. The whole kit comes in a red velour bag for travel.

This Chop Cup will last a lifetime, and amaze every group you work for.

Available in Espresso size (3 fluid ounces) or a slightly larger mug (8 fluid ounces). Choose when you add to cart.

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Customer reviews for Starbucks Coffee Chop Cup

Richard Tuckerman

I got the 8oz cup. For final loading purposes, it would have been useful to have known that the diameter of the opening of the cup is about 2 1/2" and the depth is about 2 7/8" Not gonna be able to load the Starbuck's-like fake pastries I'd hoped to finish with. Every setback is an opportunity, though! Killer routine just weeks away!


Noel Butler

I really love this. It's amazingly well made and is perfect for me (I'm a caffeine addict so I usually have a coffee cup in hand!). Considering the work that must go into making these, the price is very reasonable and I'm looking forward to coming up with new ideas for my existing chop cup routine.


Victor Boyd

I bought Ring Flight Revolution about three months ago and it introduced me to Dave Bonsall's props. I was impressed then but I am more impressed now. Using a branded cup is a great idea and the fact that it's Starbucks makes it even better. Here in Seattle, there a Starbucks wherever you turn and I'm sure it's the same in the UK as well. Their logo and products are so familiar so no one will ever question one of 'their' products. Awesome job with this one and thank you for the prompt replies to my questions!


Nate Jester

Very well made and looks very unassuming. Only wish this came with a third ball.


Benjy Parker

WOW! I just ordered this 22 minuets ago and it has already shipped!
Great job Vanishing inc!


Anthony Quinata

Wow, what a concept! A Chop Cup that makes sense because it doesn't look like a prop.

I cannot tell you how much I love this product!