Sweet'n Salty

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Sweet'n Salty - magic

Sweet n' Salty is an amazing new utility gimmick. You can make salt disappear and reproduce it from an empty bag. You can mix salt and pepper and then magically separate them. You can do the "Lotta" effect with any salt or sweetener bag. You can produce salt and sweetener from different objects: a pen's cap, an empty salt shaker, a kid's ear, nose and even his hair! You can always carry this specially made gimmick in your pocket, in a safe way and be ready to amaze!

Some effects:

  • Reproduce salt from a true empty bag 
  • "Follow the Leader" with salt & sweetener 
  • Hypnotize a member of the audience 
  • 3 Sugar Monte 
  • Produce salt from a kid's nose or ear 
  • Salt & Pepper segregation 
  • "Lotta" salt effect


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