Tango Blinked

Trick by Tango Magic and Kartis ($25.00)

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If you're a fan of quick, visual and truly magical looking bill effects, look no further than Tango Blinked. We're thrilled to be able to offer you this one-handed bill production that will have your audience doing a double take and begging to see it again!

Quite simply, you show a piece of plain paper in your hand that's pre-folded to allow you to fold it one-handed. As you proceed to fold the paper into a square, you immediately reopen it and to your stunned onlookers, the paper has now transformed into real paper money. You can have it transform into just one bill or multiple.

  • Super visual
  • Available in left and right handed versions
  • Gimmick included

Gimmicks and explanations are included with your purchase as well as a link to a video instruction where Marcelo InsĂșa shows you how to build your own gimmick with any bill.

Please note: This product is available in left and right handed versions. Please specify when adding to cart.


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