The Matrix Pad Reloaded

Trick by Richard Griffin Productions ($39.95)

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A small note pad is shown. Four spots are drawn in each corner of the pad with a sharpie. One by one with the rub of a finger the spots are visibly moved to end up in one corner of the pad. The top sheet with the spots on it is now peeled off and given away to examine.

Easy to do, no skill required.

"What a delightful effect." Martin Lewis, creator of Cardiographic

New features of The Matrix Pad Reloaded:

  • Gimmicks are over 10 times stronger than the original Matrix Pad, but still as thin.
  • Only one pad has to be carried to be able to perform the trick up to 15 - 20 times in one night making it ideal for walk around magic.
  • Comes with a plastic holder for the pad to protect the pad and gimmicks whilst in your pocket.
  • Reset now only takes 5 seconds and is very easy.
  • Includes pad and spare, gimmicks and spares, plastic holder and instructional DVD.

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