Torn Corner Machine

Trick by Juan Pablo
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Torn Corner Machine

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Trick by Juan Pablo ($29.95)

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Torn Corner Machine - magic
Torn Corner Machine Torn Corner Machine Torn Corner Machine Torn Corner Machine Torn Corner Machine

From the same creator that brought us "Torn Card Evolution", now you can create your own cards for this effect. Juan Pablo, has now made it possible for you to tear the corner of a playing card in exactly the same way every time.

The "Torn Corner Machine" makes it possible to perform matching corner effects like never before. This utility device allows your imagination to run with wild with creativity.

The "torn corner technique" is a fantastic method have at your disposal. You can have your spectator choose a card, you then tear the corner off. You ask your spectator to keep hold of the corner, and you make the playing card disappear. Or you could burn the card, tear it up, or have it float away on a balloon... the possibilities are endless! Next you reveal the card... You could have it appear on the other side of a window, inside their pocket, inside a book... or anywhere you can think of. The card appears but it is missing a piece. When you show the spectator the card they discover the missing piece is the corner they have been holding the entire time.

You could have the card appear inside a lemon, or inside a bottle, inside a time capsule, anywhere you can think of! The spectator can even finish the tear if you like. With the "Torn Corner Machine" you can tear the card the same way every time, and it's easy!


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  • 1.

    Steven asks: Is this a variation / improvement of Gaeton Bloom’s Intercessor or a new idea?

    • 1. Tony answers: It's a variation of Gaeton Bloom’s Intercessor I think
    • 2. Susanne answers: Obviously it's in principle the same as Gaetan Bloom's Intercessor Gimmick. The only difference - as one can clearly see in the trailer once - is that the card corner ist prepared in advance such that the card can be torn free handed. But one can achieve this also with the Intercessor by using a sharp knife in combination with the Intercessor so as to scratch/carve the card corner appropriately in advance - as one who knows the Intercessor will easly understand. So much to a "revolutionary new concept" as advertised. One last comment: It's a SHAME that Vanishing Inc. does not give credit to Gaetan Bloom for first inventing the basic concept.
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  • 2.

    Stanley asks: Can I tear a roughed pair in the same manner?

    • 1. Tony answers: I think it's possible
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