Transpo Tubes

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Trick by Merlins ($55.00)

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Transpo Tubes - magic

Two silver tubes and two differently coloured pencils are handed to a spectator with a request to place either pencil into either tube and to cap the tubes. This is done while the magicians back is turned. When the magician turns back around he makes amagical gesture over the tubes and asks the spectator which pencil they place into which tube. Upon the spectators reply the magician states that he has caused the two pencils to change places. When the spectator opens both tubes and removes the pencils they are stunned to discover that the pencils have indeed magically transposed! All can be fully examined!

Can also be presented with a borrowed match (which the spectator could mark if you wish) And the magician caused the match to magically travel from one tube to the other!

The prescision made props make this effect really easy to do. Something different in close up magic making a change from cards. You will love the method it is so sneeky.

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