Winners Dice

Trick (pre-order) by Secret Factory
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Winners Dice

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Trick (pre-order) by Secret Factory ($39.95)

Winners Dice - magic

Winner’s Dice is an examinable forcing die 

Imagine you need to force a number. But, you don’t want any electronic device, you don’t want to switch, you need to control or change the outcome on the fly, and you want the spectator to be able to roll the die themselves. 

Impossible, right?

Not any more, thanks to Winner’s Dice. 

This amazing product uses a special technology (not electronic) that allows the die to be completely examined. Your spectator can inspect the die and even throw it multiple times to check the results are random. The truth is you are in complete control of what number is thrown. 

The force number can even be altered mid-performance. So for example, you could have two predictions, on two pieces of paper. One for you, one for the spectator. You roll the die, and the result matches your prediction. Good, but not killer. Then the spectator rolls the die, and the second prediction matches their roll. Now, that is strong magic!

You can use this for a mind reading routine, a prediction, or the cleanest force you could ever want. It’s up to you. 

Important points:

  • Nothing is switched in or out. The die they examine is the die they roll.
  • Force any number from 1-6
  • You are in complete control of the result at all times
  • Nothing electronic
  • Die can be rolled in any cup, glass or bowl. Even borrowed ones. Use any borrowed Cup or Glass or Bowl
Credit: Magician CaoRuojun

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